Critical thinking and the Bayesian Conspiracy

Much of dentistry today is based on the mind projection fallacy.  In order to explain consider the following – If a tree falls in the forest, and no one hears it, does it make a sound?”  I remember seeing an actual argument get started on this subject – a fully naive argument that went nowhere near Berkeleyan subjectivism.  Just:

“It makes a sound, just like any other falling tree!”
“But how can there be a sound that no one hears?”

The standard rationalist view would be that the first person is speaking as if “sound” means acoustic vibrations in the air; the second person is speaking as if “sound” means an auditory experience in a brain.  If you ask “Are there acoustic vibrations?” or “Are there auditory experiences?”, the answer is at once obvious.  And so the argument is really about the definition of the word “sound”. – Read through the blog entry link.  View the wonderful TED presentation by Dan Dennett.  Then ask yourself the next time you do a veneer or any rehabilitative procedure – who’s vision are you seeing/emulating.  Interesting principles in an increasingly BIOMIMETIC world, dangerous ones at that.

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