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Critical Thinking – Gates Foundation: ‘We need to reinvent the toilet’

July 19, 2011
by ken

This has nothing whatsoever to do with dentistry, and yet, so many of the things we do in dentistry are iterations of techniques that have been in force for decades or centuries. The point of this read is that far too often we look beyond the now to create something futuristic. Perhaps we should think about fixing things we take for granted that don’t always perform as they should or in the most efficient manner possible…….

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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By John D. Sutter – (CNN) — The toilet is broken — and not because it won’t flush. This unsightly piece of technology,which everyone uses but no one seems to think much about, is in desperate need of an overhaul, according to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which launched a challenge to “reinvent the toilet.” The foundation announced $41.5 million worth of grants on Tuesday aimed at getting someone to reengineer the flushing porcelain pot, which has been in use since the 1700s.

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