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Copyright – Dr. Bicuspid January 17,
— The case against bisphenol A (BPA) as an
estrogen-mimetic toxin is weakening, according to a presentation last week at
the Rocky
Mountain Dental
Convention in
Denver. The most recent
statement justifying acceptance of the compound at low levels in dental
and composites was issued in July 2010 by the
ADA, Sheldon
DDS,an associate
at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine, said January

Dr. Newman, who serves on the ADA Standards Committee on
Dental Products, said the
ADA believes that
BPA poses “no known threat.”

Still, fear persists over claims that the polycarbonate
manufacturing compound is dangerous 

Chemical structure of bisphenol A.

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in dental materials and responsible for
complications as far reaching as male sexual performance, early onset of
puberty in females, diabetes, and obesity. Thus, dentists should continue
making every effort to clarify the issue for worried patients, Dr. Newman

Specifically, dentists should make clear that residual BPA
in dental materials is usually undetectable and typically present at levels
lower than regulatory or scientific recommendations.

Dentists should also keep their eyes peeled for future
products that can guarantee BPA-free content, he said — something many
patients are looking forward to as well.

“They’re not out there yet, but they’re coming,”
Dr. Newman said.

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