Democracy 101 or Buddha in the dental chair

It’s raining in Hogtown today, thus a holi – day for a visit to the gym, a trip to the local no name coffee shop (Starbucks has tar and Tim’s is embroiled in a franchisee class action – won’t cross a picket line) and a iPad news review.  Three things jump off the screen. None relate to dentistry; all relate to dentistry.

First and foremost, the Ford trolls in Toronto and their syncophantish comment that if someone has an opinion, it can’t be voiced unless they are elected. A reference to Margaret Atwood‘s (whom was an unknown to the twin Mayors who only read is most like Popular Mechanics and the journals they buy in brown paper covers) press to avoid the closing of librairies in Toronto to cut costs, librairies which most likely, neither of the Ford brothers have ever visited, …….second, the concern re; the interim leader of the NDP and her past affiliation with the Bloc (heads) ….are politicians vetted for things other than sexual indiscretion anymore? And lastly,the one that hits home the closest; Mr. Obama‘s overriding instinct to seek compromise and the middle ground or how he fought with the Republican neo-fascist right and lost even though he thought he won…..or as I like to call it,the committee system in all it’s full glory.

One needs to wonder if we need to truly bring electronic plebiscite to bear in this country at least in our profession. The voice of the people seems to be only heard when there is a demonstration in a large open space.  Perhaps the committee era needs to be guided by an encrypted social network community. The email addresses of Canadian dentists are kept on the servers of national and provincial associations; they are not released even to component societies. Perhaps it’s time to encrypt the community and allow those who wish to do so to vote, comment and effectively reinvigorate the democratic process….or we can continue to use committees and allow proactive value driven governance to languish and ultimately fail.
One man’s opinion; looking for others.
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