Dental Implant Market in Canada Experiences 5.6% Growth in 2009 While US Market Declines by 4.2%

While Canada Typically Mimics the US
Trends in the North American Dental Implant Market, Last Year Saw a
Change, according to Millennium Research Group

TORONTO, Oct. 21
/PRNewswire/ — According to Millennium Research Group (MRG), the
global authority on medical technology market intelligence, while Canada
typically mimics US trends in the North American dental implant market,last year was very different. The struggling American economy led to a
shrinking market for dental implants,while the Canadian market achieved
moderate growth of 5.6%.

greatest discrepancy was seen in the North American market for
regular-diameter dental implant fixtures. As volumes shrank in the US,
prices dropped as manufacturers attempted to maintain volumes through
discounting. As a result, the US regular-diameter dental implant fixture
market experienced a moderate decline. In Canada,
however, the economic downturn had less of an impact on this market,
with volumes continuing to grow, albeit at a slower pace. Prices grew as
new, more expensive technologies were adopted, such as implants with
nanotechnology surface treatments, allowing the market to grow despite
the recession.

final abutment market also declined in the US in 2009. Volumes decreased
as a result of fewer regular-diameter dental implants placed that year,
but this was slightly offset by a small increase in price. In Canada, however, volumes had
slowed but there was still significant growth. Canadian dental
practitioners were much more willing to adopt new technologies, such as
expensive custom-milled abutments, because their practices were less
impacted by the economic crisis. Prices thereby increased, and the result was moderate market growth of 4.7%.

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