Dental Implants design and primary stability. A histometrical evaluation

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G.E. ROMANOS1, M. DAMOURAS2,A. VEIS3,F. SCHWARZ4, and N. PARISIS3, 1New York University, USA, 2Dental School Frankfurt, Germany, 3Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece, 4University of Düsseldorf, Germany

Bone-to-implant contact (BIC) % and primary stability of oral implants is an important criterion of a successful osseointegration. Objectives: The aim of this study was to find out the BIC and bone volume (in %) at the coronal (BVc) and apical (BVa) level of surrounding trabecular and cortical bone in different implant systems with various thread designs immediately after their insertion. Methods: 5 implants of each one of the following implant systems with comparable sizes (11.00/3.5mm, progressive threads-Ankylos(A), thread cylinder-Frialit-2(F) and condensation threads-XiVE(X); 13.00/4.3 mm diameter for Replace (R) Select tapered, 12.00/3.5mm diameter for ITI-Straumann(I),11.00/3.5mm diameter for Astra-Tech(As)) were inserted in rip bone of freshly slaughtered cows. The implants were placed using the exact surgical protocol suggested by the manufacturers. Immediately after surgery, the implants with the surrounded bone tissues were examined histologically and histomorphometrically using a grinding technique (Donath and Breuner, 1982). Results:The histomorphometrical evaluation (Mann-Whitney test) presented significantly better results in the BIC% (A/X, A/F, A/As, A/I, A/R), as follows.

Implant                                   BIC%                              BVc                                       BVa

Ankylos                           65.13 ± 15.96                 22.00 ± 5.45                        17.00 ±  4.84  (n=11)

Frialit-2                           55.86 ± 10.22                 26.00 ± 3.75                        23.00 ±  5.42  (n=11)

XiVE                               58.25 ±  5.25                  28.55 ± 1.06                        24.15 ±  2.6    (n=10)

Replace Select Tapered  49.15 ±  15.99                 22.88 ± 6.86                        28.50 ± 11.67 (n=10) 

ITI-Straumann                51.15 ± 17.85                  24.00 ± 7.46         &nbsp
;              18.95 ±  2.80  (n=10)                                                                                       

Astra-Tech                      52.10 ± 11.99                  15.75 ± 6.00                        13.45 ± 13.5   (n=10)

Based on these data only the primary BIC% of the tested implant systems seems to be dependent on the thread design. Conclusions: We concluded that the special progressive and condensation macrodesigns present significantly higher primary stability than other implant thread geometries.


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