Dental Vibe 3-in-1 Anesthetic Injection

I would normally never use this blog to promote a “product”, however, the referencing of the Melzack and Wall Gate Control Theory (the concepts of convergence and modulation reduced the emphasis on disruption of neuronal pathways led to the idea that pain could be controlled by modulation–reduce excitation or increase inhibition)being that they were Canadians, tweaked my interest. It’s a little hypish, but, I felt that too needed to be showcased….

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CRYSTAL LAKE, IL – Dentists seeking to offer a more comfortable experience for their patients can see, study and order an innovative new tool by visiting, the newly expanded website for dentistry‘s first 3-in-1 injection comfort system.

BING Innovations, LLC, the Illinois-based provider of DentalVibe™, launched the new site in June to better educate the dental community about the benefits and uses of the product and to simplify the ordering process. Visitors to the site can view newly produced video segments depicting DentalVibe applications as well as the real-time reactions of patients who experience DentalVibe injections. In addition, the DentalVibe system and accessories can be conveniently purchased with a credit card through a secure e-commerce portal.

To produce the videos, develop the new website and introduce the breakthrough product to dentistry, BING Innovations enlisted Walter F. Cameron Advertising, an established dental products marketing agency based in New York. An educational communications campaign is being launched concurrently.

“You can’t really understand the ‘wow’ factor of DentalVibe until you see it in action with real patients,” said DentalVibe Co-developer Steven G. Goldberg, DDS, who demonstrates the product on the new videos. “On our website, you can see the expression of both surprise and delight on patients’ faces when they receive a dental injection without any pain whatsoever. 

DentalVibe takes unique advantage of cutting-edge research on the Gate Control Theory of Pain to enable the delivery of anesthetic injections without discomfort. Patented, microprocessor-controlled VibraPulse™ technology delivers a pulsed, percussive vibration to the mucosa – the ideal counter-stimulation to block the painful stimuli of injections. 

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