Dental XP – the epitome of sharing and caring

Ed McLaren is coming to Burlington, Ontario soon – man truly gets sharing and caring –

Downloads and links – check it out………..brilliant!

This one is from one of the most incredible presenters I’ve ever seen – the sheer artistry of his presentations is mind boggling –

Our interest is to determine how you like this approach and the content……we NEED your comments. The opportunity to work something out with Dental XP and Oral Health is very real, but we need to know how many of you would choose to access this facility through the elearning section of……ergo, comment en masse. Drs. Garber and Salama have been contacted and I believe that something that works for all can be established….but you MUST COMMENT, otherwise, we have no way of determining the usage………THINK DIFFERENT!!

BY THE BY – this is all we’re asking for re; clinical content – from Andrew Kelly – Lower Anterior Placed with Ridge Split – Ridge Split with piezoelectric surgery, motorized bone expansion and immediate placement. Bit more text would help, but it’s a good beginning



Radiograph 3 years Post Op

Clinical Photo 3 years post op