Dentists are offering Botox and Restylane – it is to weep!

A recent survey in the Wealthy Dentist suggests that you can always cater to the lowest common ethical denominator among any group if you choose to…….sad that interdisciplinary dentistry and comprehensive care don’t receive the same aggressive thumbs up stance.
I direct the reader and the non-commenter to a posting on the American Academy of Facial Aesthetics website which proves if you can come up with a name for a group and the acronym doesn’t spell something stupid, you’ll find a group willing to be executive members and a large nucleus willing to pay membership dues………beer hall putsch comes to mind.
A photo of the president of said organization is below……..tomorrow is the first snow day in recent memory…..I’m going to pull the covers over my head, find a good book on Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Mechanics and consider an alternative career.  The propagation of Veneer-eal disease was bad enough with no consideration for occlusion et al, but this is a new low.  
Please note, that this is the opinion of the writer and not of Oral Health or it’s parent organization. When we as a profession fail to sustain the focus on eradication of disease and rehabilitation of adverse effects on the gnathostomatic system for the purpose of filling holes in self esteem and lining pockets with 30 pieces of silver….well, perhaps it’s time for the profession to turn out the lights and wish Mrs. Calabash good night………….

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, 1984

Image by Minnesota Historical Society via Flickr

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