Dentists turn to marketing after getting brush-off from patients

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he economic downturn has taken a big bite out dentists’ revenue and profits, forcing them to hire experts to help increase sales. They’re redesigning websites, pampering their clients and using social media.

December 1, 2011

For a quarter-century, Dr. Terry Vines built his Redlands dental practice the old-fashioned way: one mouth at a time.

Vines sponsored youth soccer teams. He renovated historic buildings around town to build good will. He turned his waiting room into a cozy nook with soft chairs and a big-screen TV.

As business increased, Vines hired more dentists to accommodate his thriving practice, Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry.

Then the economy tanked, hundreds of patients stopped coming, and Vines decided he needed help.

Scouring the Internet and dental magazines, the 53-year-old dentist discovered a host of marketers and consultants — all promising to make dentistry pay.

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