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From TruthDive – Balanced News and Analysis – May 12, 2011

A US dentist who apparently ‘got tired of people not liking to go to the dentist’ is trying 

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to change the dreaded dental stereotype by offering them free beer.

That’s right, Clint Herzog of Texas-based Floss Dentistry serves beer and wine to patients while they wait for their cleanings.

Herzog said he ‘got tired of people not liking to go to the dentist’, and liqouring up patients has proved a satisfying solution.

“I really got tired of people saying… “Hey, I don’t like going to the dentist, no offence,” the Daily Mail quoted him as telling KXAS-TV News.Well it’s kind of an offence because that’s what we do all day.”

Herzog, who has offices in Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth and Rockwall, asked nervous patients what it would take them to get them in his chair for regular cleanings – found most just needed a way to relax.

Soon after, he sent out a mailer, offering ‘free spirits with a cleaning. The response, 

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he said, was overwhelmingly positive.

“We just asked patients. We really drilled down and found out what they want,” he said.

“We serve drinks in the waiting room to help you relax before you go back,’ he added. 

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