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Does Your Practice Schedule Run Behind?

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Below are some common reasons that dental practices run behind. Identify if any apply to your practice and then discuss at the next team meeting to brainstorm solutions.

1. Starting late at the beginning of the day
2. Don’t audit charts prior to the day
3. No morning huddle to check for glitches in the schedule
4. Doctor holds up hygiene schedule with exams
5. Dentist over socializing in the hygiene examLisa Philp
6. The lab work is absent or missing.
7. The dentist only works from one chair with one assistant
8. The emergency patients are jammed into a full schedule
9. Operatory and tray set up not prepared prior to patient arrival
10. The time requested for the procedure was shortened in the schedule
11. Clinical team adds more procedures on the fly
12. Lack of utilization of the dental assistant in multi chairs
13. Patients show up late and we do same procedure and get behind
14. Patients show up lonely and talk excessively
15. Lack of a consistent “late patient” protocol
16. The non-patient interruptions: personal phone calls, emails,sales people.
17. Doctor greets and seats their own patients
18. The doctor doesn’t delegate chart documentation to the assistant
19. Doctor does the case presentation and financials

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By: Lisa Philp
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