Eco Dentists – Stewards of Good Health and a Healthy Planet

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Our mission is to
provide the dental industry with the tools needed to integrate green
practices efficiently and effectively, and to support the public in
taking personal responsibility for their dental health care choices.

Our vision is a
dental industry that combines stewardship of client health with
stewardship of planetary health.

 We provide:

  • Training & Education for dental
    professionals and the dental industry necessary to implement
    eco-friendly practices
  • Technical assistance for dental providers in
    greening the profession
  • A network to connect dental professionals,
    patients, and colleagues who share eco-friendly values

Pledge: As
a Member of the Eco-Dentistry Association I am/we are committed to a
dental profession which values both outstanding patient care and
outstanding planetary care. I/we recognize that as dental professionals
we make decisions every day which impact the public’s health, and the
health of our Earth. As such, I/we pledge to consider the environmental
impact of my/our practices in:

1. Dental processes and materials
2. Office administration and marketing
3. Office construction,design and furnishings

In making choices in these three areas I/we agree to:

  • Rethink decisions and wherever possible to
    choose environmentally-sound options (e.g. using digital radiography,re-painting the office with non-toxic paints, installing an amalgam
  • Reduce the environmental impact of my/our
    practice (e.g. lowering energy consumption by converting light fixtures
    to energy-efficient fluorescents, using cloth sterilization methods)
  • Reuse or re-purpose whatever I/we can
    (e.g. reusing lab boxes, buying washable lab coats)
  • Recycle whatever I/we can (e.g. recycling
    office magazines, copy paper)
  • I/we further pledge to:
  • Demonstrate leadership by sharing “best
    practices” and innovations with other Eco-Dentistry Association Members
  • Educate my/our team and patients about
    environmentally-sound practices
  • Support suppliers who offer
    environmentally-sound products and services

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