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August 30, 2011
by ken

I seem to be unable to stimulate clinical case reports from our editorial board or from the dentists, all three of you, that read this blog, thus, you’re stuck with endo and my beloved ROOTERS – it’s as they are posted – YOU ARE THERE!!

Begin forwarded message:

From: Roberto Cristescu

Date: August 30, 2011 4:37:53

ROOTS <roots@ls.rxdentistry.com>
[roots] Enamel Pearl ?

Sent for consult and start of endo in 26 due to intense
pain and sinus tract & swelling bucaal.
In my chair he was completely asympmtomatic, bleeding
from the D pocket, sinus tract bucaal which was stoping mid-way the DB root, and
ofcourse tested vital.
CBCT scan revelead radiopaque structure more or less like
a enamel pearl into the area between DB and P roots (exactely where the sinus
tract stops).
The prevalence of enamel pearls is highest in maxillary
upper molars and especially in between the DB and P roots.
Treatment involves surgically. removal of this structure.
Sometimes I see also extraction as a treatment choice  
Did someone actually performed such a treatment of
removing the “pearl” ? How “easy” and predictable is  ?
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