Encryption – yawn!!! – been there, done that – wait six months

The most exciting thing about technology is it enables one to be creative in ways unimaginable in the era prior to the Internet.  Digital signatures are currently necessary; however, a pain as they require acknowledgment, a lot of software futzing and of course, if you’re not blessed with an IT interest or facility, assistance.

What if the current state of the art of biometrics or whatever it morphs into becomes the means by which you encrypt and decrypt your communications and access secure patient files. The approval for non-invasive diabetes testing is forthcoming for bioAnalytics in the new year; imagine if all it took to access a file or decrypt an email was the wiggle of your finger…..it’s coming…….wait for it.



And if you want to know why this will all happen and distill down to your tablets and smartphones which in the next year or three will be how you run your office – http://www.darpa.mil/Our_Work/I2O/Programs/Active_Authentication.aspx – think MIComplex or Simpleton depending on your perspective.

And if you need something to play with on your new iPAD2 or your new MacBook Pro or your new iPhone4S or you want to play with your Apple TV – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5RgITYX-wE&feature=related