The Moody Blues sang a song entitled “Stepping in a Slide Zone” back in the 70’s – Standing in a slide zone, I could be steppin’ in a slide zone, standing in a slide zone, I could be stepping through a time zone

What makes it relevant to this entry is that it was the first song in which they introduced synthesizers and turned what had been their orchestral sound into a more electronic one….. and thus the relevance to ePapers from Dental Tribune.
Access the DT ePaper section by clicking on http://www.dental-tribune.com/epaper and then scroll down to the journals as shown in the image below.  It’s an excellent example of the future of journals as they reduce their carbon footprint and recognition of the reality that the costs of publishing are increasingly prohibitive and the day of electronic journal formatting is upon us. Think not? go to a Blockbuster store near you and rent a video, or a Blu Ray disk……
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