Even Endodontics is 3 Dimensional

I have a specific prejudice to my discipline and in this case, I wish to share the prejudice and concern beyond continue to question why endodontists and periodontists in Ontario cannot immediately access small FOV cbCT to raise the standard of diagnostic care to unprecedented levels.  There is a rush to further technologicize endodontics…..one file does all, irrigation sucking and blowing devices, nanoo nanoo gloo and of course lasers which we all know go around corners and double back on themselves. Very little science is coming out to validate the materials and techniques, except for that published by the developers themselves…it’s a scary time…….take a gander at what microCT can demonstrate and then rethink the one size fits all approach. I’m certain that similar issues are occurring in all other disciplines; Visalign diagnosis and treatment planning being relegated to the computer, bone grafting materials made from left over chicken parts but if infused with PRGF – it rocks et al……..it’s the reason for the comments section on this blog.

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