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From Webtwilight – how to create a website.

Dentistry is a profession, dentistry is a business, therefore, dentistry is a business.  Was sent this from a real estate blog. Does it have relevance to a dental practice, is the medium the message?  You bet your tube or your bippy!!!  Do you need one website or a constellation – you be the judge, here comes the judge….

Thumbnail image for websites-for-real-estate.jpgDo you know what I love? I love it when I get a client inquiry through my business website. My business website is one of the most cost-effective marketing activities I undertake. The reason it’s so cost-effective is I don’t pay for an expensive website with hefty ongoing fees.

Instead, I use a WordPress theme that I installed in less than a half hour. After that I just added loads of great content such as images, articles,videos. All of this content ranks well in the search engines and I gain a great deal of new business through this very inexpensive website.

Any business or professional can easily build a very high-converting (turning website visitors into customers) website using a WordPress theme. Realtors are no exception. In fact there are WordPress themes built specifically for realtors. One of my favorite realtor WordPress themes is AgentPress by StudioPress.

More than one real estate agent website equals more business

Beyond looking great,when you use a WordPress theme from StudioPress, you can build as many real estate websites as you like with a single theme purchase.

Why would a realtor want more than one website?

Let me illustrate with an example. Suppose you sell both condominiums and detached homes in an urban area. You know the demographics of those people. You also know that the benefits offered by a condominium and detached home are different. Instead of writing about both in one website, why not have one site dedicated to condominiums in your area and another site dedicated to detached homes. You can break it down even further such as waterfront, estates, home for under $100,000, etc.

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