Facebook Preparing for $100 Billion IPO in Early 2012

Many of these blog entries focus on the use of social media/networking to drive the engine of the new dynamic of practice growth.  You really don’t need to be a savant to recognize which way the winds are blowing. It doesn’t matter what appeals to you as a dentist, it matters how your client base is impacted in all phases of their life and lifestyle. If you don’t follow the trend, the likelihood is they won’t be following you. It’s hardly rocket science.

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Facebook is preparing itself for an IPO that could easily top $100 billion, according to a new report. At $100 billion, Facebook’s impending IPO would be one of the largest in history, quadrupling Google’s $23 billion IPO in 2004. CNBC says the social networking giant is likely to go public during the first quarter of 2012, less than nine months from now. That falls in line with a May 2012 deadline when Facebook will be required to publicly report its financial information, regardless of whether it’s a private or public company.

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