Feeback from Facebook

We started a targeted Facebook campaign for Partners in Prevention about 2 months ago. The focus is on older women (over age 40) who live in the Toronto Region, who read Prevention Magazine and/or Women’s Health Magazine, and who mention the words “dentist” or “hygienist” or “a cavity” in their Facebook conversations.

This campaign started with a “reach” (number of viewers) of less than 1,000. Currently, it is reaching about 23,000.

This dramatic growth seems to be attributed to these factors:

  • the number of older women using social media is increasing significantly. Less than 5 years ago less than 5% were using Facebook. Today, it is about 60%.
  • the messages on our campaign are hitting some nerves. In particular, any post about oral health’s connection to overall health generates many “likes” and “shares”.  The prospect of a painless and affordable treatment is also popular.
  • the posts (or stories) about Partners in Prevention are frequent and helpful. How are they helpful? Well, for example, a recent story about Parkinson’s Disease and dental decay got lots of attention because it stated a problem (Parkinson’s patients have 5 times the amount of dental decay) and offered a solution (visit your local Partner in Prevention)

So, we are expanding this campaign’s reach and content. The trend is to reach over 50,000 older women soon, with a message they like and share with their friends.

There is no doubt from the Facebook feedback so far, that the Partners will increasingly benefit from this new form of marketing and new branding of dental services.

By Ross Perry

Sourced: Partners In Preventionhttp://partnersinprevention.ca/feeback-from-facebook/