File it under; just because you’re a suit, don’t make ya smart!

It’s the economy stupid!  Came across this interesting story; it can be distilled down to apply to any business. Know the lay of the land, look down the road……in the immortal words of Creedence Clearwater Revival – try to see “up around the bend.”

From CNet News – Business Tech – HP’s Carly Fiorina era is finally over – GOOD RIDDANCE..

Walter Hewlett,you may remember,was the low-key, cello-playing scion of the Hewlett family who fought HP’s then-CEO, Carly Fiorina, over her planned $25 billion merger with Compaq, which was announced 10 years ago next month.

Hewlett’s point was simple: Just maybe it’s a really bad idea to double down on a low-margin business like PCs.

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