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Clinical eChronicle of Treatment Outcomes – Case I – Periodontally involved central incisors

May 18, 2011
by ken

I wish to thank Dr. Ken Hebel and Dr. Reena Gajjar for their support, their commitment and their contribution to making the seminal phase of the Clinical eChronicle of Treatment Outcomes a reality. This is the future of all elearning efforts………CRITICAL THINKING IN TREATMENT PLANNING, DISCUSSION FORUMS, ENHANCED GRAPHICS AND ANIMATION, WEBCASTS, REAL TIME EVENTS, HANDS ON TRAINING and ARCHIVES AND LIBRAIRIES INTERLINKED AND NEXUS’D.  Welcome to the present………throw in an iPHONE or an iPAD and you’ve discovered the magic and wonder of MOBILE BLENDED LEARNING.


Category – Replacement in the Esthetic Zone:

This patient was referred by a periodontist for replacement
of the maxillary central incisors. Both teeth were condemned due to short
roots, mobility and attachment loss. The treatment plan was the extraction of
the central incisors, along with implant placement and all ceramic

Animation: Implant Placement into Socket

Image 1: Anterior view demonstrating flaring of the central


Image 2: Right view


Image 3: Left view


Image 4: Initial Panorex showing short roots and loss of


Movie 1: Tooth Removal

Movie 2: Implant right

Image 5: Healing after several months showing healing
abutment in place


Image 6: Impression copings in place


Movie 3: impression copings

Image 7: Provisional flipper denture


Image 8: Cast showing Zirconia abutments


Image 9: Cast showing final all-ceramic restorations


Movie 4: Abutment removal

Movie 5: Cast abutment 1

Image 10: Zirconia abutments inserted in mouth and torqued
in place


Movie 6: Cementation

Image 11: Final anterior view showing excellent esthetic
result with proper soft tissue framing


Image 12: Right lateral view showing maintenance of papilla


Image 13: Left lateral view


Image 14: Panorex showing implant placement


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2 Comments » for Clinical eChronicle of Treatment Outcomes – Case I – Periodontally involved central incisors
  1. Hello,
    Looks beautiful! Soft tissue handling was excellent, as was implant placement.
    But do you think maybe a cotton pellet or soft Gutta percha should have been used over the screw heads in the zirconia custom abutments and THEN the crowns cemented over them?
    Just me thinking. What”s everyone else thinking?

  2. Ken Serota says:

    Hi Vipul:
    Thanks for taking the time to comment on Ken”s case. Would you consider providing us cases of yours to post. The value that the Clinical eChronicle will bring to those who “share and care” their case work is that My Dental Hub will analyze the body of work and determine the suitability of new graphics and animations to represent the trends and techniques being showcases. It”s a self generating dynamic, the true essence of elearning.

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