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Take the concept of the previous blog – all you need to do to review past entries is click the masthead and then either review by category or by month in archives.

The point of any PUSH technology or as we now know it, social media, is “CONNECTIVITY” and delivery of content to any platform in an agnostic manner.

Consider the following:

It wasn’t unreasonable for some companies at one time to provide computers to their client base in Canada – Patterson if memory serves – to do online buying. Today; if provided an iPAD or whatever tablet computer dedicated to sales and patient and collegial education material…….who would you purchase from………? If your numbers justify the gifting of a tablet computer, how long will it be before you’ll incorporate more into the practice in a true WiFi network…… members would carry them around to follow up on to do lists, send email to patients on the fly from cloud based servers, forward treatment plans anon…’s a brave new world Aldus.

Tablets installed on grocery carts help shoppers save money


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