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News on the street is that iTunes 11 is to get a radical overhaul that will include, wait for it, iCloud integration. A slicker cleaner interface compared to previous versions and “word” on the street is that iCloud will be acting as a backup for all data.  Once again, Apple is leading the way for “the folks in the street” and this will impact dentistry as it should.

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e, cloud based backups of all your relevant data, why store the exploding size of your image archive on a server in your office, back it up on a cloud, and oh yeah…….. web based operating systems are going to explode as they should.

Take a peek at and sign up for the free demo. You will see a seminal example of the dental practice management systems of the future. We are all, certainly within the next five years, going to have to work within an encrypted communications network. It will be mandated by our licensing bodies.  If there is a seamless sync of office, representative, company either manufacturer or distributor,educator either entrepreneurial or association driven all working within a single integrated platform,then the cost of dentistry should logically drop and the standard of care improve.

Electronic Health Records are inevitable……everyone involved in health care should be looking to raise their bar accordingly and push the baseline of their profession skyward.  What does any of this have to do with dentistry……….okay……….

GO TO iTUNES – type dentistry in the SPOTLIGHT search – upper right corner…..ignore the iPAD and iPHONE apps which are exploding in terms of sheer weight of numbers……

Then change your search to DENTISTRY PODCASTS and check out the numbers once again.

Then change your search to DENTAL IMPLANTS, or NOBEL BIOCARE or STRAUMANN or DENTSPLY (whoops – ignore that one) or ULTRADENT or COSMETIC DENTISTRY or ENDODONTICS or INVISALIGN – you should be getting the point by now……..follow the trend no matter what, in time, you’ll understand the application and make it work for you.

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