For those who question the power of the Internet in all things

My apologies to those who feel that this blog should be exclusively dental in it’s outreach. The resources for posting to this blog come by push technology to my iPhone. This particular tidbit would normally have been ignored, but this month has been most unusual in terms of the sheer volume of information received and this one kind of fits into “your morning chortle”. I firmly believe there will come a time when we will have a true democracy of opinion and thought in all walks of life thanks to the Internet, even with our institutions and associations; granted they will be dragged into it kicking and screaming. Imagine if Aristotle, Plato and Socrates had access to the

Plato and Socrates in a medieval depiction

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Internet when their creation of political science and the constitution of the city state was being defined.  The work political comes from the Greek – politikos – which comes from polis – or city-state…..we’ve come a long way baby, or have we?

Iran may soon take Internet censorship to a level so ridiculous one can’t help but laugh. Unfortunately, it’s not a joke. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Middle Eastern country will disconnect its citizens from the Internet we all know and love, and replace it with its own nationally-run Internet, which would, of course, be tightly restricted

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