Formulated with Edible Clay, New Advanced Gum Healing Mineral Toothpaste Introduced

From Cosmetic Dentistry News

It goes without saying that some enterprising marketer will put this material in Play-Doh and plastercine (do they still manufacture plactercine?)…

Zion Health, a San Francisco-based company specializing in natural clay minerals cosmetic and hygienic products has announced ClayBrite toothpaste will now be available for purchase at Noah’s Natural Health Food Stores throughout Toronto, Ontario’s metropolitan area. The launch comes after numerous successful premieres across the United States, particularly at the Cosmoprof North America beauty industry convention in Las Vegas in 2011 and at several Whole Foods Market stores throughout California.

Sweetened with stevia leaf extract, ClayBrite is formulated with Calcium Montmorillonite clay, a nutrient-fortified mineral that is both highly absorbent and edible, as proven in experiments conducted by NASA and MIT. The natural toothpaste has been acclaimed for being effective against gum disease and cavity prevention. Minerals from Montmorillonite are known to naturally remove bacteria from the teeth and gums.

Since ancient times, people have used clay not only for cleaning teeth and preventing gum disease, but to also soothe digestive ailments, heal wounds and decontaminate unhealthy drinking water. “In France, Montmorillonite clay is sold by bulk in most health food stores. Its unique healing ability makes it one of the most popular detox remedies in Europe. ” says Zion Health sales manager, Marie Holmes. “Our Natural Minerals Toothpaste has received tremendous feedback from customers with unhealthy gums. The clay’s ability to absorb bacteria out of the gums has produced substantial results with as little as one month use.”