French implant innovates elimination of peri-implantitis – new coating based on Beaujolais Nouveau

Julien Benhamou is the Chief Executive Officer of TBR. The TBR Group is one of the largest French manufacturers of dental implants. (DTI/Photo coutesy of TBR)
Mar 4, 2011 | EUROPE

During IDS 2011, TBR Group will present its PERIOSAVE implant system which guarantees an anti-bacterial protection of the periodont and fits the clinical requirements of more than 20,000 TBR users worldwide.Dental Tribune Online spoke to Julien Benhamou, CEO TBR, about the company’s new implant system.   

DT Online: Mr. Benhamou, how does the PERIOSAVE system protect the patient from periimplantitis risks?
Julien Benhamou: We decided to come back and focus on the basis of dental implantology which is to offer the patient a durable implant with the lowest risk of infection. Indeed, studies have proved that 9 to 14 years after implant placement, a risk of periimplantitis occurs in 16 per cent of cases. A progressive loss of cortical bone happens which threatens the stability of the implant (Roos-Jansåcker et al. 2006).

To avoid periimplantitis, and to provide a real anti-bacterial global protection for the implant, we have decided to study and to develop several ranges of PERIOSAVE implants giving an answer to this main concern. For every indication, we propose an implant solution that provides surgeons with anti-bacterial safety and patients with a real aesthetics solution.

The proposed implant solution must be adapted to the patient’s anatomy and not the other way around. The dentist will be in a position to select the implant type according to the clinical case.

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