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From o’er the pond – The dark side of white teeth: DIY whiteners can be dangerously addictive, cause chemical burns and leave teeth yellower than before

March 15, 2011
by ken

When my five-year-old son suddenly exclaimed: ‘Why are your teeth so dirty, Mummy?’, I knew it was time to do something. Years of drinking coffee and red wine had left my teeth stained and grey. It had bothered me — I’d started wearing only dark tops (white made my teeth look lemon-yellow) and grimacing at friends through closed lips. But the ‘dirty teeth’ comment was the final straw. That day, I made an appointment at a smart dental practice to have my teeth professionally whitened.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1366290/The-dark-white-teeth-DIY-whiteners-dangerously-addictive.html#ixzz1GjDpLZSH

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