From the trenches

Intriguing blog and recent posting of  links – from lad I’ve never met on LinkedIn – good info – ah the power of social networking – and it’s NOT encrypted!!

LinkedIn Mark Friashas sent you a message. Date:12/19/2011Subject: EtchMaster Product Review

1. Etchmaster Product Review. As a hygienist I use this product (with the aluminum oxide powder) to “prep” the enamel surface before placing sealants. Nice product overall. My blog post includes a video (shows product in action) and many photos.

2. Izolation vs. Isolite vs. Kona Adapter. In this blog post I list the pros and cons of each product, including my own product, the Kona Adapter. Includes video and many photos.

3. Purchasing Kona Adapters. If you’ve ever considered buying a Kona Adapter or if you currently own a Kona Adapter and need more, this month is the best time to buy. The 2012 price will be $10 more per unit. You will get a sample mouthpiece for every Kona Adapter purchased (up to 5 mouthpieces max per order). You will also get a free Kona Adapter for every 4 purchased.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Mark Frias, RDH