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Future of Dentistry – Pas de Deux

December 11, 2010
by ken

By Eric S. Solomon, DDS, MA

Part 1 of a 4-part series

Dentistry is going through a transition. As we shall see,the range of dental services and the mix of dental practice employees have changed dramatically during the past half century. We also are experiencing a major shift in the number of dental care providers. What will the dental practice of the future look like? Here we will look at historical data and projections in the hopes that they will  

Zahid Ahmed hooded by Drs. Woolfolk & Heys

Image by um.dentistry via Flickr

provide us with insights into the dental practice of the future. Our glimpse into the future has four parts: dental enrollment trends,dental manpower trends, dental economic trends, and dental practice trends. From these data, we can draw inferences about the dental practice of the future.

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