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Getting in front of your community

Many dentists I speak with are eager to reach out to their community about new services and about their own specialness. This can be complicated and expensive because your community now learns differently.

One illustration of how your community learns is shown in the opposite infographic. Blue is the old way while red is how we learn today.

In designing the Partners in Prevention advertising campaign for certain communities in Ontario, I was struck by how everyone feels comfortable with the blue way of learning. It’s tangible, simple, and what we have all done in the past.

We are not so sure about the red way of learning.

Many organizations, including dental practices, are ill equipped to use social media, to blog, to keep the website interactive and its content up to date.  I know the effort it takes; I blog twice a week.

This is one of the attractive features of Partners in Prevention. By consolidating their efforts to communicate with their community, the Partner dental practices can go well beyond the ad in the Yellow Pages. They are able to meet their community where it now learns – along the red path.

Infographic on how your community learns…

The old way in blue

The new way in red

Source: Ross Perry
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