Good onya Nobel Biocare – enewsletter resumes

After a decade-long hiatus,  the publication of Nobel Biocare News resumes. In this first issue—and every issue that follows—we intend to introduce innovations and disclose trends, as we share the stories and experiences of our readers with the global dental community.

The patient first From the very beginning, back when Nobel Biocare was known as Nobelpharma, the company has maintained a determined commitment to develop and support evidence-based treatment modalities. This is still the case today. We promote our products and services for the same reasons you choose them: for the benefit of your patients. This is not an expression of altruism. Ensuring the best interests of the patient makes our business a viable enterprise and your clinic a secure place to practice dentistry. The editors want Nobel Biocare News to be your newsletter as well as ours. If there is an insight you would like to share with your colleagues or a topic you would like us to explore, please do get in touch. We’re looking forward to the exchange of ideas!

Nicolas Weidmann, Senior VP Global Communications