Gordan, Rolin, Jeff, John – EHR and encryption – talk to me like I’m six years old

The RCDSO rep in my region advised Halton Peel last evening that for all intents and porpoises, EHR and encryption is a go in Ontario – but on hold, because the folks that have to implement it don’t really understand what the committee members have explained to them………CAN YOU SPELL KERFUFFLE – wait until they try to bring this to the dentists of Ontariariarioh…..Can you spell iTrans and it’s penetration into the profession……..how many dentists have email in their offices, digital radiography – why are we adding another IT layer to the practice of dentistry, another set of expenses and restrictions and why?  All those getting encrypted confidential information from your lawyers – step forward and change underwear……This is my bias…..can you imagine all the PM software companies agreeing to a standardized charting format so that encryption of patient records is possible. These guys will actually have to work at value adding stuff…….it will be analogous to asking the big dog in endo to actually have a website that isn’t a catalogue store…….it’s time for dentists to Occupy Crescent Street or whereever…..do any of the politicos actually practice dentistry in these economic climes……….I almost got fired yesterday for applauding John Okeefe’s initiative re; a mentorship online clinical forum….only reason anyone noted it was I posted it to the powers that be at OH……….This warrants discussion, discourse and a horse of a nudder colour.

Jeff – you’ll read this…….time for Rolin and Gordan and the others to make their case…….last time anyone showed me stats on this blog – 50K hits a month………..probably 45K of mine checking but then who knows……….You have a bullypulpit,most dentists only read Dispatch to find out who screwed up huge…………
For my two cents…….the heck with encryption,figure out a way it won’t take 10 years to get rid of the legislation that makes Peeling something other than you do to a banana.
Or you can read this and see if you can figure it out and apply it to your systems flow in the practice……..http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/people/klauter/ccsw11mc-benaloh.pdf

Electronic Record Keeping and Protecting your practice…should I care? By Jeff Glaizel

People are talking about Electronic Record Keeping and wondering if they should care about the technologies in their offices. The answer is unequivocally yes.  

Oral health professionals must now realize that information technology has weaved its way into our professional lives and the majority of us do not understand the risks of improper use.  Even if some of us recognize the risks we often do not have the ability to mitigate that risk.

The one pillar that is common to all our practices is our patient information.  We all have it whether it be in chart form, digital form or a combination of the two.  At the end of the day we have to know that the records we create in our offices are authentic, true and secure.

In a paper world there are systems in place that we are taught in dental school to keep our records authentic, true and secure:

1) One write system

2) Proper paper chart documentation

3) Locking the charts in fire proof cabinet

On the digital side there are no standard systems in place across the profession and none that are taught at our dental schools.

I can see it now the questions lining up, before you ask those questions about using email think to yourself…

1) How do I know if my associate or hygienist is stealing my patient list from my office?

2) How do I know that the practice I just bought really has 2000 patients when all I get is a USB key with personal health information?

3) If I had a fire in my office can I reproduce my records?

In a digital office we need to have the systems and best practices in place to ensure that our records are authentic, true and secure.  We as a profession need to recognize the importance of this.  If we do not the profession itself and the value of our practices will be in question.

Dr. Jeff Glaizel and Dr. Rollin Matsui are current leading education sessions on; Electronic Health Records in dentistry: legal pitfalls, practical realities and risk management for the Oral Health professional

Dr. Glaizel can be reached at drjeff@myddsnetwork.com and his profile can be seen on Linkedin

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