GoToMeeting brings web conferences to the iPad

Ask anyone what the biggest hiccup in their day is and they’ll tell you it’s the inability to get accurate information about a patient’s condition or history or the inability to immediately connect with a referral to get clarification on the concerns or to clarify the treatment considerations. It’s pandemic from prescriptions to labs that literally chicken scratch the shade number to endo referrals that are fortunate to include a tooth number.  We are in a profession that mandates clarity and information in abundance. Electronic Health Records are at the door thankfully. 

The key missing piece however is the end of the traditional phone discussion. Most practice management folk tell you not to have one, it disrupts production, and yet, failure to be precise causes fractitious situations to arise and can lead to practice problems that do a lot more than interrupt production. BUT THERE IS HOPE. No, not that there will be a HARP decisoin on cbCT anytime soon, not that the organized dentistry will strongly advocate connectivity in-office to ensure that so much of what falls through the cracks in organized dentistry is caught early, but HOPE that social networking technologies will radically revise SOP in dental offices. There was a time that computers at the front desk were derided for fear of viruses and privacy issues. They introduced privacy legislation…they’ll introduce something else….reactively, not proactively. Nonetheless, technology will always be the drive train of the engine, with the speed of its introduction today, foot dragging is not allowed.

The iPad App Store now has cool business tools for the device. For example,Citrix Online‘s GoToMeeting web conferencing service is available for the iPad.

There are other web meeting options, especially since Cisco has an iPad app for its more-established WebEx service. But this is a bigger step for Citrix, because it’s the company’s first move off desktop and laptop computers, and it may lead the way for GoToMeeting on other devices like the iPhone. Citrix Chief Technology Officer Bernd Oliver Christiansen told me his company decided to make the leap to the iPad because there seemed to be a “very very high” probability that someone with an iPad would receive a Gotomeeting invite sometime while using the device.

With VIDEO FACE CHAT about to become the sine qua non of these new tablet devices, perhaps WiFi connected iPAD style devices with Face Chat and business conferencing tools 

Behold the iPad in All Its Glory

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can literally end these communication disconnects ……their simplicity alone will hopefully facilitate a change in the way we communicate on behalf of our client base and ensure that the profundity of new services we provide aren’t being planned with “technology” that was never relevant nor purposeful.

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