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Green tea and evidence-based care

A few months ago, I spoke with an advisor to the Sjogren’s Society of Canada about Prevora and the remarkable results from our 2 randomized, double blinded, placebo controlled, multi-centred trials which were conducted with FDA protocols.

This advisor said she thought green tea was the answer to controlling caries in a Sjogren’s patient.

So, I have been on the look out for studies on green tea in high risk caries patients.

In the current issue of Geriatrics and Gerodontology International, green tea is reported to reduce cariogenic enzymes, inhibit the formation and integrity of bacterial biofilms and is bactericidal to Streptococcus mutans at a certain concentration.  Sounds promising, right?

This is the latest of about 40 articles on green tea and dental caries. None of these articles result from a controlled study. In other words, green tea may be promising but does it really work?

Having spent 15 years delivering the very best (Type 1) evidence on caries prevention, I think we need to commit to evidence-based care, rather than just talking about it.

For example, what guidance should be provided to the Sjogren’s patient when it comes to green tea?  How often should this beverage be consumed? At what concentration will it be effective, and compared to what? What is the preventive effect and over what time period?  What are the side effects of drinking that amount of green tea?

We can answer all those questions on Prevora.

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