Grow Dental Practices with These Simple Email Marketing Tips

by Thomas Glare

Dental medicine is one of those spheres that does not fully use the power of digital email marketing. While most people get dozens of emails from online and local stores they’ve ever shopped with, few dental practitioners take care to make the most of email marketing. If this is the case with you, consider starting an email marketing campaign right now. Occupying a barely occupied niche will help attract new clients and retain the old ones. Of course, to achieve this kind of effect, you will need a thought-through email marketing strategy. Below, we offer a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to increase your client base with email marketing.

Creating content valuable for all clients

This is the first and probably the toughest part of any email marketing campaign because this step is about applying regular effort. If you do not want your emails to end up in clients’ spam boxes, you have to offer them something truly exciting. This something should be exciting enough to make people want to skip their Book of Ra or Solitaire session. This marketing content should make them switch from their business tasks to read your emails or click on your link. And, while you can experiment with different types of marketing content — from written blogs to informative videos — everything you send out should be unique and valuable for each recipient. This is not an easy task, but the following email marketing tips should simplify it a bit.

Compile targeted email lists 

Each client is unique, but it still does not mean that you cannot categorize them into several email lists. There are plenty of email marketing tools that can help you create narrow, carefully targeted lists of people potentially interested in your marketing content. For example, an email sent to your patients’ parents will be way different from a message that could engage an adult patient. Emailing your regular client is different from emailing someone who has canceled all previously-made appointments. See the point?

Target your email marketing templates based on what each recipient will appreciate. Carefully curate your content based on what different types of clients expect from you. Never fall for a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Analyze your clients’ needs and behavior to make all content engaging for each client group.

Throw in perks and offer freebies 

One of the best ways to engage people with your email marketing content is to offer them freebies and discounts. People will gladly subscribe to your emails if they know they can get a holiday discount on a regular cleaning or get a free consultation. Speaking of freebies, you can always offer useful dental tips in your email content. Speak of the latest trends in your industry, explain how to make the best teeth care at home, etc. Using this approach will save you from free consultations in your office but will still give your client base what they want — free info to help with their teeth care.

Make email contents content visually appealing

The success of any email marketing campaign rests not only on your email contents but also on how you present this information. No one loves long paragraphs of plain text. On the other hand, composing your message in short, easy-to-scan sentences gives readers a chance to skim through your email content. If they like what they see, they will certainly pay closer attention to this message. 

Using visuals is another idea for drawing attention to your emails. Still, it is important not to overdo here. Usually, infographics and eye-catching pics can make a positive impression on your recipients. But, if you overdo, you may come off as a spammer. 

While drafting your emails, pay special attention to:

  • Subject line: ideally, it should be short and intriguing. This way, more people will consider opening your email.
  • Message preview: when people receive a new email, they first read its subject line. If they like what they see, they skim to message preview. Make sure it is engaging and informative. 
  • Spelling and punctuation: avoid looking sloppy or unprofessional — especially in your subject and preview.  

Also, remember to optimize your email marketing content for mobile. Over 60% of email recipients open messages on mobile devices. While you probably create email marketing campaigns on desktop, you should still take care and test your message previews on different mobile devices. 

Picking quality email marketing software 

Email marketing software comes in different shapes and sizes, and it is essential to choose marketing tools that work for you. Quality email marketing automation tools can help you with every step of your campaign — from creating targeted lists to monitoring marketing campaign stats. Here, the obvious market leaders are MailChimp, ConvertKit, and SendinBlue. Another bonus is that some of these marketing tools will even offer free trials, so you can give all of them a try and see which you like most. Remember that monitoring your bounce rates, new subscribers, and email open rates will eventually help you come up with more effective email marketing campaigns. 

Staying HIPAA compliant 

Regardless of current email marketing trends, always remember to stay professional. While local stores can afford some liberty when it comes to their marketing strategies, healthcare professionals cannot. The first and most important thing to remember is always to stay clear of any confidential information — no client names, dental records, or pictures. 

On the other hand, some dental practitioners may include dental pictures in their email marketing contents. However, before you use real dental cases from your past clients, you should first obtain their permission.

However, we would suggest you steer clear of all sensitive information in any marketing content. Instead, you can post pictures of your staff, speak of changes you introduced in the clinic, or even stick to general information like the latest industry trends. 

If you consider all of the above tips, you should reap all the potential benefits of email marketing. Following these suggestions will help you create a professional image that retains old clients and probably even attracts new ones. As long as your email marketing contents are engaging and discreet, keeping your client base interested should not be a problem. 

Author’s Bio: 

Thomas Glare is an experienced copywriter and digital marketer with a master’s degree in media studies. He helps his clients identify their brand identity and core message, attract customers, and sell services. Thomas also loves blogging about marketing. It helps him to stay on top of all the emerging trends in the fast-changing world of advertising.