Head cheese outta luck and feeling septic tanked

Hopefully that will catch someone’s attention….been trying to get one Canadian dentist to be the pebble that starts the avalanche of clinical case postings………..just ain’t happening. Thought I’d share something that goes on about 50 to 100 times a day and has for the past 13 years…..only endo, but then again, what else is there.

Dear Rooters,

I am attaching images of the second right molar that has had RCT (Fig

1) and after 4 years Re-RCT (Fig 2). But the lesion and chronic pain

are still persisting. What would you suggest to do now please? The

whole DICOM volumes can be downloaded from here

3D volume after first RCT


3D volume after Re-RCT


The Kodak DICOM viewer (Carestream 3D Module 3.1.9)


The SEMINAR on how to use the Kodak (Carestream) DICOM viewer:


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