How Can You Build Good Quality Links for Your Dentist Site?

by Lucia Patterson

We hate giving bad news. But if know anything about the digital marketing profession, chances are you have had to hear several pieces of bad news in your career. It could be a simple algorithm change, government regulations, loss of productive employees, or even website hacks – sometimes, things just don’t work out as you planned. Although being a dentist is a hard enough job, marketing yourself as a brand is also essential.

There are so many pieces of bad news anyway, especially when you are a doctor, but the worst one? When you think you are delivering something amazing to your patient, only to find out it’s nothing more than bad news. Again. And this is so common for link-building campaigns because building good-quality links can be harder than you first anticipated.

Common Sense And Common Problems:

By now, you have probably come across emails with subject lines like “5,000 links only for $400 – Guaranteed!” In case you don’t know how SEO works, this might sound like a great deal. Your common sense will tell you that the more links you earn, the better for your dentist site. But that’s technically not correct.

Yes, earning links is a part of the entire ranking process, but that does not mean you have to focus on quantity while link-building – you need to prioritize quality. Understand that building good quality links is hard work. However, when you do it correctly, organic traffic usually skyrockets, which in turn multiples both leads and sales.

Understand that every single link-building campaign is unique in its own way. Think about it. You cannot build good quality links for a lifestyle brand in the same way you might build links for a finance company. There are campaigns that might appear to be easy and ones that are more difficult than you imagined.

However, there are some aspects which stay the same! Let’s find out more about building good quality links.

How Can You Build Good Quality Links for Your Site?

Now that you have understood the basic concept of how building good-quality links is hard work, let’s figure out how you can run a qualitative link-building campaign for the same. Scroll down and learn how to build qualitative links effectively.

1.    Link Analysis

The first thing that you need to do in this context is analyze your links as well as that of competitors – find out who is linking to who in the industry. Several tools in the market can help you find out this information, like Ahrefs, Moz and Majestic. Next, check out dentist websites creating educative or informational content in the industry.

These dentist sites are not always that easy to find. Thus, spend some time on the same and try to note down the patterns. Yes, it is impossible to check out all websites in your industry, but it is definitely possible to check out all the best ones – the basic idea, in this case, is to build a list over a period of time.

2.    Leverage On Existing Relationships

Most of the time, leveraging your existing relationships might sound like a really easy task, but unfortunately, that does not always play out. Of course, you don’t have to buy a guest post or pull off a stunt like that. You can always leverage existing relationships with trusted customers, partners, charities and vendors.

Once you have made a list of all the relationships you can use for earning backlinks, you can use some automated marketing system to communicate with the people you already know that will help you. Relationships are not built over a day – so start small and, again, the idea is to build a network you can depend on in the near future.

3.    Narrow Down Your Target List

This step might make you a little confused if you have been prioritizing quantity so far, but then again, we are focusing on building good quality links – the approach here is qualitative and not quantitative. When you have just started, it is wiser to opt for 10 to 15 dentist websites at the most for links.

This is because it takes time to make a list, reach out to website owners, and then build a relationship before you can even earn a single link. Thus, narrowing down your target list to 15 sites is a productive move in this case.

4.    Build Relationships

Once you have created a list, your next natural move would be to create an outreach strategy for contacting the guest blogging sites on your list. Understand that cold pitching hardly ever works out – you cannot just send an email to an influencer asking for a link. In fact, the more emails you send in this context, the lesser probability of actually getting a link back.

Your best shot? Social media! Twitter is always a safe bet, and you can casually build relationships while connecting with influencers on social networking sites!

Wrapping Up:

Building good quality links is not as complex a task as you initially figured. It can be tricky, but it’s not really difficult. Your best shot? Analyze well and monitor your fellow dentist competitors closely – you will soon figure out how to go about this!

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