How E-mail Marketing Helps Dentists Retain Patients

By A Weber – For Dental Heroes – If you’d like to be my dental hero and guest post, drop us a line…..

You know exactly how to fashion a retainer to hold teeth in place, but retaining your customers is a whole different story.

They come, they go, they switch practices, and what can you do about it other than just doing the best job you can when they’re in the chair?

A whole lot, actually. When it comes to coaxing reluctant patients back into your office, email marketing can ease the pain.

How Email Is Designed to Bring Customers Back

Email’s recurrent nature makes it perfect for increasing retention. Sending emails on a consistent basis builds a good rapport with your patients, and eventually,a relationship of trust.

And let’s face it. Your patients make themselves pretty vulnerable to you and your sharp,shiny dental pick. Trust and a good rapport are vitally crucial to getting them comfortable with coming back again and again.

Let’s talk about how to use email to build that trust and rapport.

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