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How to Create A Perfect Personal Brand as A Dentist

April 29, 2020
by Michael Gorman

A lot of industry professionals have developed themselves as personal brands and just like them, dentists have no reason not to do this. Developing yourself as a personal brand in dentistry will let the patients you treat know more about you.

It will help them understand you better as a person because they will know a lot more about the expertise you have. To get you started, here are some dental SEO trends that will help you develop yourself as a personal brand:

Build an online presence

The most important step of developing yourself as a brand is building an online presence where people can follow you and get to learn more. The most effective way of doing so is by creating a blog where you will post the content you create about dentistry.

Creating a blog is very easy and you can choose any service provider you prefer like WordPress, Wix or other website creators or content management systems.

You might choose to name the blog with your real name or title it with something different resonating with the personal brand you’re building. Ensure that the website will represents who you are and the intention of creating that blog.

If you wanted to entertain the audience using dentistry content, choose a theme that is fun and attractive to the visitors. Alternatively, if you are building a brand around a professional service, choose a relevant theme that will represent you in a professional manner.

Optimize the website

When you’re creating the website and afterward, you will need to optimize the website structure to be in line with the Google algorithm SEO requirements. The work starts right when you create the blog, if you’d like to set up the website for success in regards to SEO, choose a responsive theme.

A responsive theme has been the centerpiece of SEO because of its fast-loading speed and mobility. Google has made it one of their primary goals to ensure that the experience of its users is the best.

In pursuit of doing that, they have set up Google algorithms that scan through websites to check for certain characteristics. They include fast-loading speed and mobility. If these characteristics aren’t in the structure of the website you’re building, it will be penalized and rank very low.

Another way of optimizing the site is by adding an XML sitemap that will help Google index the pages of the website you’re running much easier and faster.

Use social media effectively

Another very important channel to help boost the efforts you’re implementing to build a personal brand is social media platforms. These channels have been known for spreading news and marketing content far-and-wide and you can even be specific to the audience you’re targeting.

You can open various accounts on social media for dental practice personal branding purposes. There is an example of how this can be successfully accomplished – the Singing Dentist is quite popular on Facebook.

The Singing Dentist decided to use humor with the intention of building himself as a brand in the dental industry. It worked out really well for him because his following exponentially grew and is one of the pioneers of dentists who built themselves as personal brands.

Open social media accounts on various platforms and start sharing the content you have created across them all to grow your following.

Include LinkedIn in the digital marketing strategy you have in mind

You should also include LinkedIn in the digital marketing strategy you’ve developed to build yourself into a brand. LinkedIn can help you gain more exposure and a wider target audience because it usually ranks higher on search engine results pages.

This way, more people get to see you when they search keywords you have used on the content posted under the LinkedIn handle you’re managing.

Not only will having a LinkedIn profile boost search engine rankings but the credibility of the personal brand you are building will be improved. The reason behind this is that LinkedIn is perceived as a professional platform so having a presence on it makes a huge difference.

Remember that a lot of people now depend on the internet before making purchase decisions. In essence, the perception they get after doing a Google search on you will impact whether they choose you or another dentist.

Optimize the content you post

Another point that often gets forgotten is optimizing the content you post itself. For starters, you need to ensure that the content stays relevant to the niche you have chosen, which is dentistry in this case.

Creating content around this should be done so in a qualitative manner and what you write should be informative and authoritative. The content can be further optimized by including keywords that will increase the chances of being visible on search engines.

Use writing and proofreading experts from best paper writing services that provide articles, research papers, medical writing and essay help.

You should go for the best because your entire business is dependent on the quality that you come up with. Your website is the face of your dental practice, so you need to do the very best to make it look attractive to your potential customers.

Don’t forget that the digital world is gradually migrating to voice-activated searches, so using a mix of both regular and long-tail keywords will benefit you.

When you write content for the blog you’re managing, ensure that you have a solid linking strategy that entails outbound links and internal links. The importance of internal links is that it makes customers stay on the site for longer, which might lead to a better conversion rate.

If the content you post is good enough, it might interest viewers who could link it on their blogs.

Be consistent

Once it is all systems go on the digital marketing campaign, it might take a while until the personal brand gains traction and many followers. That might be discouraging and you could possibly consider quitting, but do not!

If you keep at it, the results will be much more glorious than the patience you had to manifest. Within that period of patience, do not think that since you do not have followers that mean you shouldn’t post content.

Instead, ensure that you have a posting schedule that will make sure that every week there is a sufficient amount of posts. Think about this – what would your reaction be if you were invited to a shop only to find that the shop is empty? That’s how the target audience will feel if they are invited to a social media page or blog that doesn’t have content.

The bottom line

Creating a personal brand isn’t very complicated; you just have to possess determination and patience to pull it off successfully. Don’t give up too soon, rather continue being consistent by posting content even though you don’t have many followers yet.

Also, include LinkedIn in the digital marketing strategy you are implementing to get more recognition. Don’t forget to conduct SEO practices on both the website structure and the content you are creating.

About the Author

Michael Gorman is a freelance academic writer and proofreader from the UK who currently works at essay writing service, best essay writing service UK and best essay writing service 2020. His high-level research skills and precision writing makes him a very popular writer in the academic field.

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