How To Write A Dental Blog and Make It Rank On Google

by James Baxter

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Having an online presence boosts popularity and helps build the face of a business. To keep up with the competitors and promote your services in the market, it is pivotal to promote your business to a broad audience with online blogs and build trusting relationships with your potential customers.

The style and type of blog can vary; however, we recommend developing an online presence on all suitable platforms for your business.

In this article, we will explore the peculiarities of the dental bog, what elements it must contain and how to make it visible on Google search, attracting tons of new users.

Elements of a dental blog

To begin, we would like to discuss what topics and types of content are suitable for dental blogs to make them rank on Google and engage potential clients.

Professional pieces of advice

The first category you can include in your dental blog is professional tips from dentists based on their working experience. For example, you can discuss how often people should attend dentist appointments, how to choose a high-grade doctor among various clinics, or tips on how to care for teeth and overall oral health. Such posts commonly have appealing and bright titles, as people are more willing to know information from real professionals than from questionable online resources. Free sharing of vital pieces of advice helps you build reliable relationships with your audience.

Guides from dentists from your clinic

Guides are the extended version of the previous category of your blog. You and your colleagues in the clinic can pick the topics they are proficient in and provide your blog readers with step-by-step tutorials on doing something related to dental topics like correctly brushing teeth, suitable care for crowns, and so on. In addition, the authors of such posts can contribute their personal experience, promoting their skills, and also include the dental products from your clinic, which also enable sales.

Loyalty program for your customers

Dental services are costly, and not all people attend dentists frequently or can afford the serious treatment they may need. Providing your new and regular clients with promotions and special offers is a great method to promote your dental clinic, as well as show your care for the customers by making dental services available for everyone in need. It can be special offers for procedures in the complex, discounts for the next visit, or promotions in case you invite your friend to visit the same dental clinic.

Healthcare trends

It is not necessary to only post content related to dental treatment. Show your proficiency in current healthcare trends that transform the industry and your job particularly. Write about the latest technologies like artificial intelligence and robotic automation, and their applications in the healthcare industry. If you know how these innovations can be applied in dental practices, then you definitely need to discuss them in your blog posts. This type of content adds credibility to your dental clinic and also proves the knowledge and skills of your dentists.

Mention your dental awards and achievements

Foremost, you and your clinic should participate in various dental contests and conferences to award a wide audience for your company. Moreover, discerning your development and achievements are must-haves for your dental blog. The more awards you have and announce, the more reliability and trust your customers have regarding your brand.

How to start a ranking dental blog?

If you haven’t started writing a dental blog yet, then custom writing service Best Essays Education recommends it is high time to launch it. Further, we will highlight several critical steps for you that will simplify the process of starting and writing a dental blog.

Your business website needs to have a blog section

Along with various blog platforms, thematic resources, and social media, website blogging is the best method to promote your dental brand organically. However, such a type of blog requires a set of rules you need to consider when writing a new post.

First of all, the blog needs to have separate categories and tags to sort the article into suitable categories – this simplifies the search of required information for your users. Secondly, when the topic is chosen, you need to analyze this topic on the web by using various tools like Google Analytics or Ahrefs to check what your competitors write and determine the set of keywords you need to include in your article. The availability of these keywords defines your content visibility to the target audience in search.

Obtain social media

The social media profiles of your dental clinic can duplicate the content from your website blog and lead to the original source of each article. Another option, you can use social media for the promotion of your dental brand to share useful and fun facts with your followers to build trusting relationships with them. Social networks help cover a broader audience that will be led to your main website blog and landing pages as well.

Prepare the backlog of articles

The main condition of making your dental blog rank on Google is the regularity of posting. No matter what type of blog you select, you need to ensure you have a new publication every day. That is why we recommend making a backlog of articles where you should collect all suitable and trendy topics in advance and assign them to the executors, like your doctors or hired content writers. This approach will ensure the frequency of posting on your blog.

Take crowd marketing into consideration

Crowd marketing entails spreading your blog content on various suitable resources. Such resources can be websites of dental conferences, websites with dental discussions, and Q&A platforms like Quora and Medium where you can promote your content and brand.

Here is how it works – you just add a comment or your answer on any suitable platform and put the link to your website blog to prove your words with true-based content. Thus, as the writing service Trust My Paper claims, your blog articles will be visible in search not only by the direct link but also by your answers and comments on various resources.

To conclude

Dental blogging is not much different from other niches, but it requires a professional approach. Many people tend to take dental-related articles seriously, so all information, facts, and tips must be real and true so as not to harm readers in any way. Even if your content is written by freelance or full-time content managers, it is pivotal to involve specialists in checking or creating content to make it top-notch and valid for readers and potential customers.

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