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How To Write A Killer Instagram Bio For Your Dental Clinic

November 22, 2021
by James Baxter

Choosing a dentistry clinic is quite a responsible task for people and their kids. They usually read all relevant reviews, learn the ranges of services, their prices, the doctor qualifications and so on.

However, now there are numerous channels where you can tell more about your dentistry services and promote your clinic among the target audience. One of these efficient channels is social media accounts, particularly Instagram. Modern people use Instagram even more than Google to find the needed services, products and so on.

Although to attract your potential clients, it is crucial to structure your social media account in the appropriate ways, considering the requirements of Instagram, and particular rules of the right promotion via this media channel.

The first impression of your Instagram account really matters and decides the further relationship between your clinic and your followers.

Instagram is a great platform where users can express their thoughts and emotions, share their opinions, do online shopping, and, of course, promote their products or services.

Everything is important — the main picture of your profile, the bio description, the style and colors of your account, and post text.

However, bio is considered to be the most attractive part as it is the first text your potential customers will see to decide whether they should check your company account or pass it. It is not easy to maintain an Instagram profile on your own. There are numerous social media marketing agencies that will help you to target your services and ads to the appropriate audience and also provide your account with the needed content, bio and pictures.

However, this article will get you acquainted with the basic tips for writing a great bio to promote your dentistry account and attract suitable customers.

Let’s define what bio actually means. It is not only the description of your profile but it also contains profile picture, location, hashtags, links to prices or business websites, etc. All these details really matter to make the first impression great. All right, first things first.

Profile picture

The profile picture is above all other things as this is the first detail users pay attention to. It should be appropriate with the right colors, related to your company or service. The best choice is to create your company logo and put it as an account main picture. It has to describe your brand from the best sides, so we recommend including:

  • the year of foundation to prove your relevant experience on the market;
  • elements that people should associate with your brand and specter of services, uniqueness is crucial so do not try to copy your competitors, it will not bring any benefits to your dentistry business;
  • create the color identity of your brand — medical services are often related to blue color and its different shades but you should consider your individual case and do not think about rules;
  • think of what words describe your company and it will be your slogan which you can also add to your profile picture.

There are numerous free online websites where you can create a logo adding any elements you need. Also, you can find an experienced graphic designer at the top writing service on the web to order the logo with all your requirements.

Profile name

Well, the name of your account plays no less vital role than the main picture. The great option of Instagram is that every nickname must be unique. However, if we talk about the profile for the dental clinic, it should be completely new and not similar to your competitors. The best variant is the combination of your brand name and something related to dentists; it all depends on your creativity.

You should also make sure that the name of your profile is clear to all your followers and potential customers and easy to read — we mean avoid extra numbers, slashes, letters, etc. It should be easy to find on Instagram and not easily confused with your competitors.

Link to the website

The corporate website is an inevitable part of your business as all businesses go online and in-person consultations are considered to be outdated. The company website gives users access to all necessary information to learn about your dental clinic:

  • the history of your dental clinic foundation;
  • top-notch dentists, their experience and reviews from previous patients;
  • compliances and awards that are given to your company for the high-grade dental services;
  • available range and prices of dental services with all details;
  • photos or a 3D-tour of your clinic, and also a map of how to easily get to your building;
  • contacts or contact form so that your managers could call or write users back and conduct a consultation.

All in all, your corporate website can contain any information that will show your dental clinic from the best side. Then, you can add the link to your business website to your bio in your Instagram account and all potential patients will be able to learn more about your company in the shortest time. The existence of a corporate website commonly inspires confidence in potential clients as we all know that the creation of the website requires great investment.

Bio wording

As the top sites express, the text you can add to your bio is the most important part of your account as it has only two ways it could go — it will attract users or it will deter them. Every word really matters as well as the form of the wording. First of all, think of what message you want to convey to your followers about your services or experience, your slogan, differentiators or whatever you like. Then, think of what it should look like — gapless text, bullets, one sentence, one word, several words, etc. You can use large or small letters, or even emojis or other signs. Write from your heart, respect the time of followers and try to be useful for them.

To summarize

Instagram is an excellent platform to promote any kind of service or product of diverse industries and specializations. Talking about dental services, it is vital to properly choose your target audience, the picture of your profile, the slogan and the text in the bio. Your Instagram account is a great booster for your business growth and development. Even without paid advertising, you can attract your potential customers, speak about the range and quality of your services, and prove the competence of your dental clinic.

About the Author

James Baxter has been working as an editor at a photo retouching service. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as photography, social media marketing and self-education. He also is always happy to meet new people and discuss different topics and ideas.

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    Covers the different types of bios, how to write one for your dental clinic, and what to include.

    Bios are the first thing people see when they follow you on Instagram. It’s often the first impression you give them before they actually see your pictures or read your captions. That is why an Instagram bio should be strategic – it should tell people what you do and how they can benefit from following you. A well-written bio will also make people want to follow you because it piques their interest enough that they want to learn more about who you are and what kind of content they’ll get in return.

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