How To Write Advertisements That Attract a Young Audience

by James Baxter

Every young internet user is bombarded with so many ads that it now takes a really impressive one to get their attention. This content saturation is a problem in every industry. That’s why you see designers and essay writers refining their craft to attract younger audiences.

Dentists and other healthcare experts are not exempt. If marketing dental services to middle-aged folk posed a challenge, try convincing young people to click on your ad. This task is getting more challenging by the day.

However, all is not lost yet. A well-curated online marketing campaign can present your product to the right young audience. But you need to lure them in with a brand message, proposed value, and a mind-blowing user experience.

So, let’s dive straight in and discover practical ways to write a youth-friendly ad for your dental services, from oral hygiene to eco-friendly products.

Express your core values

In the past, writing ads involved merely stating a company’s goals and the proposed gains for the customer. But these cookie-cutter ads won’t cut it with a younger audience. They need a product they can stand behind — a cause.

What is this dentist’s worldview? Is using this dental service tantamount to selling one’s soul?

Yes, these are questions young people ask even before buying a toothpaste online. So, your product or clinic needs a personality, a brand voice, and a clear message. The marketing team can develop a logo and mascot that mirror’s the company’s image.

For example, healthcare products with an eco-friendly message are always massive conversion hits. Animals, like pandas, can also become your company’s identity. These mascots are funny, playful, and relatable. In essence, they eliminate the formality surrounding dental services and oral hygiene.

Don’t come up with the same boring ads. Work with a creative team for refreshing content ideas.

Your online presence is essential

Only a miracle can save a business without an online presence in this day and age. Even the top companies are struggling to rule social media platforms. So, any dental clinic or private practitioner should focus on online marketing campaigns.

If you want to land young users, forget about radio and TV marketing. Young people don’t watch television, and radio ads belong in a museum somewhere. The action is online nowadays.

However, you need targeted advertising for an efficient outreach program. Targeted ads help pinpoint a specific audience for a company’s products. All you need is a reliable social media platform, and the indexing bots will do the rest.

In that case, all your dental ads should focus on the most popular social networks. Take your services to Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Instagram is also an excellent product marketing platform for displaying ads.

Moreover, you don’t need to rely solely on your brand identity to market your products. Let’s face it; young people want to buy products endorsed by other young people. They want to listen to a relatable personality talk about oral hygiene and dental procedures. And if the marketers are deemed ‘cool and trendy,’ the service’s appeal will skyrocket. So, hire influencers to spread your product’s reach.

Look at a company like Dollar Shave Club; they run ads on almost every podcast and talk show online. Spread your tentacles in the right places and gain more brand exposure within no time.

Focus on engaging content

The brand message could be enticing, the reach could be extensive, but the product won’t sell if the content doesn’t offer any value. In essence, your dental marketing should also provide maximum value during the outreach campaign.

In terms of written content, young people are quite open to highly-informative articles on dental health. Oral hygiene is an issue that intrigues everyone because we’ve all experienced a toothache at least once in our lifetime.

So, focus on promoting your product with top-notch content. Use SEO practices to boost your post’s position in search results. Besides, you could create short and long-form articles on dental procedures. Use links to reliable sources, like the Oral Health Journal, to add extra legitimacy to your content.

Also, remember that an average user spends around 8-10 seconds on a page before making up their minds. So, get to the point.

In addition to written content, use infographics and media content to garnish your blogposts. This value-oriented marketing technique is less ‘pushy’ and more likely to gain young people’s attention.

Create digestible video content and animations regarding complex topics on dental hygiene. Alternate long posts and short posts to keep users engaged. And most importantly, follow a consistent calendar for your content.

Create a killer user experience

Even with ground-breaking advertisement ideas, your dental service cannot thrive without a great user experience.

Does the user find your platform comfortable? Is the mobile experience tolerable?

Bear this in mind: young people value mobile usability above everything else. This explains why over half of all online traffic comes from mobile devices. So, your page, profile, or dental services website should be optimized for mobile.

Hire a UX designer to work on both the desktop and mobile versions of everything you present to the public. For example, ensure that your post on ‘The Advantages of Late-Night Brushing’ is readable irrespective of the device. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of potential customers.

Moreover, we all want to visit the dentist with cool tools. Fancy features like voice searches increase your service’s appeal. Make these features a part of the user experience to expedite interaction and engagement with customers.

In addition to a killer UX, clients also love interacting with their favorite brands. They crave that personalized experience and assistance from trusted experts. And who is more trustworthy than one’s certified dentist?

In essence, create forums and open comments under every post. Create an email list for regular updates. And if possible, open a special Q&A section on your social media page or official website. Just try to keep the customers engaged for as long as possible.

Ultimately, creating an appealing online presence for a dental practice is difficult. And the task is more complicated when a younger audience is involved. However, creating a personal brand message is crucial to attracting young users. Stand out with engaging, well-crafted content. Maintain consistency and engagement with your readers. Hire influencers to expand your product’s reach. And most importantly, dedicate enough focus on the mobile experience and customer support.

About the Author

James Baxter is professional ghostwriter, editor at write my essay and blogger, who loves sharing his experience and knowledge with readers. He is especially interested in marketing, blogging and IT. James is always happy to visit different places and meet new people there.

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