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How will we learn as a profession?

January 6, 2012
by ken


How much longer can CE providers delude themselves into thinking that real time didactic learning is cost and cognition effective. The ability to provide material online, streaming audio/video in advance of a program, the facility for intranet development to ensure CONTINUING education, the capacity for inclusion of video clips, animations et al to update both the attendee and their team members is simply the ideal manifestation of blended e-learning in all its myriad facets. MAXIMIZE AND OPTIMIZE THE REAL TIME HANDS ON EXERCISES…….sitting in a classroom for extended periods of time is antediluvian adn really hard on the bladder/blather. Read the link above; public schools are facing the obvious challenges that technology and increasing infrastructural costs bring – DAMN YOU BRICKS AND MORTAR!!  Most CE providers are noting a drop in the age group of attendees, hmmm, just how do we interrupt that – duh???. The pervasiveness of smartphone and tablets have to reflect a megatrend of change in delivery of information and the ability to self-test in advance of course attendance is nothing more than pure logic.

It’s time to take the pulse of Canadian dentists on how they wish to be educated. Your comments are encouraged.


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