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“I am prepared to go elsewhere for more preventive care”

November 11, 2014
by Kahaliah Richards

This statement concluded an e-mail from a manager of  dental benefits at a Canadian company. It shows the commitment by patients to reach a state of better oral health. This same sentiment has been revealed in all our patient surveys — indeed, 1 in 5 patients say they will change dentists to get more preventive dental care.

So let’s go a little deeper about why this statement was made.

This manager is in her 50s, has had a life-long problem with dental decay and has maxed-out her dental insurance ($1500) most every year. She has developed dental anxiety, switched dentists, and paid for a lot of dentistry out of pocket. This past year, she had 3 weeks  of chronic  dental pain and no doubt, was not at her best at work. In short, she is high risk for more cavities  and crowns and root canals and  implants.

In a conversation with her recently, I  asked her just one question:  has she ever been treated for an infection on her teeth?

That question quickly  led to the title of this blog.

Naturally, this manager simply wants to get better. And she will switch dentists again to get more preventive care.

She is now thinking of a local Partner in Prevention.

PS: Since writing this blog, this patient has switched to a Partner in Prevention.

By: Ross Perry
SOURCED: Partners in Prevention – http://partnersinprevention.ca/i-am-prepared-to-go-elsewhere-for-more-preventive-care/