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I guess no one wants to chatter about encryption – ODDS BODKINS!!!

December 17, 2011
by ken

Have tried the honey technique to get folks to chatter about impending encryption issues in Ontario for inter-collegial communication, but to no avail, to no email as well.  Take a gander at the iTrans promo piece from the JayZCDA (bolded up and italicized – you know why)……….then ask yourself why it’s being recommended for communication between colleagues in Ontario, when the level of encryption according to one of the members of the RCDSO committee on encryption is not being met…..again, just fluffernutter in the wind, cuz no one wants to “talk about it!”..

ITRANS is a leading edge Internet messaging and transmission service that provides a safe and secure method for communicating confidential health information online.

Developed by Continovation Services Inc. (CSI), ITRANS helps dental and other health professionals take full advantage of the communication potential offered by the Internet.

With this service, you and your staff will experience increased efficiencies in electronic claims processing.

Dental offices using CDAnet™, Réseau ACDQ and other claims standards can use ITRANS to transmit those claims messages and also benefit from powerful new capabilities such as radiograph transmission, online consultation and e-commerce (credit and debit card transactions are available at a preferred merchant rate).  No idea how many dentists across the country use iTrans, no idea WHY the CDA didn’t expand it’s scope and make it INTERNET FOR DENTISTS in Canada and build an encrypted intranet so that we would all have the same CYPHER KEYS to rely on and ensure pervasive unfettered communication, but then again, Christopher Hitchens was my favorite author and he called ’em as he saw them, regardless of whether they were sacred cows or sacred sows…….

If you feel that this commentary is inaccurate, then ask yourself the most obvious and immediate question – if this is the CDA promo piece on iTrans – Discover how ITRANS products enable you and your staff to work more effectively with your patients, other dentists, insurance carriers, credit card companies and your software vendor — key relationships that contribute to the success of your practice, why is the RCDSO mandating a committee to create encryption legislation if indeed the capacity to exist already exists. They had to postpone the passing of the legislation until March to ensure that the certain members of the committee understood the scope and fabric of the legislation?  If iTrans indeed meets the standard, then the only legislation necessary would be to mandate connectivity – oops, sorry cart before horse or in this case horse before cart, can’t do that in governance, mandate iTrans for any and all communication.

Seems to this blogster, that it’s very simple and easy to answer/respond/clarify/ensure transparency to one and all in regard to what will be more pressing that privacy……….apparently lawyers DON’T need to do this as their level of need is less than ours…….tell that to someone in a custody hearing…..or pick your legal poison.

I’d provide the obvious – a YOUTUBE on iTrans, but “No video results for “itrans canadian dental association” in the search query………hmmmmmmmmmm

Key Benefits of the ITRANS Claim Service

1. Quick, secure claims transmission. Using an ITRANS Digital Certificate, the ITRANS Claim Service allows you to transmit your CDAnet claims more securely over the Internet than is possible with modem lines.

2. A single point of contact for all claims transactions. ITRANS enables you to send dental claims to the insurance companies you are currently sending CDAnet claims to (except for Alberta Blue Cross). View a complete list of networks and insurance carriers that support CDAnet online insurance claims submissions. In addition, ITRANS:

  • Checks each transaction for errors and returns a response immediately.
  • Stores and forwards all of your transactions even when the carrier is not available (i.e. the carrier’s network is busy or down).

3. Saves you time and money. By enabling you to track your current and pending claims on the Internet, you always know the status of a submitted claim. Also, if supported by your practice software, your office can send multiple messages (claims, credit/debit card transactions, x-rays) at the same time, whereas you currently can only send one message at a time per telephone line.

4. Secure Dentist-to-Provider transactions. The security and encryption technology used by ITRANS meets PIPEDA (Canadian privacy legislation) and HIPAA (American privacy legislation) to protect the privacy of patient information during transmission, something conventional email cannot match.