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NEXUS – NOT LEXUS – NEXUS – there are links to dental blogs all over the NET – start with www.dentalblogs.com and go from there. OR – YOU COULD SEND YOUR BLOGS TO ME AND I COULD START A LIST THAT WOULD BE UPDATED MONTHLY.  Something to ponder upon.

By way of example – here’s one link – it’s out of date, but the concept makes huge sense.
50 blogs covering dental and oral health
Sorry – MOVEABLE TYPE IS BEING STUPID AGAIN……oh Word Press, where are you?


noun nek-s?s
plural nex·us·es or nex·us

Definition of NEXUS

: connection, link; also : a causal link
: a connected group or series

Examples of NEXUS

  1. <the oft-repeated claim that any person on the planet can be connected to any other person through a nexus of six relationships>
  2. <as the nexus for three great religions, Jerusalem has had a troubled as well as illustrious history>

Origin of NEXUS

Latin,from nectere to bind

First Known Use: 1663

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