I want a dental website and I also want to end world hunger

There no simple answers to most things, but as social networking takes unrelenting hold and as the competition on the street between dental offices sitting kitty corner to each other at every intersection of N. America starts looking like Starbucks and Timmies…..tis time to reduce the search for the ideal webdesigner to an elemental quest……like buying a car, it’s not about the price, it’s about the purpose, the use, the amount of traffic you expect to encounter or the mileage you expect to accrue.

ional Features

Check out GreatDentalWebsites.comThe other heavyweight in the biz is tntdental.com.  Before you ask, look at the portfolio and see if you match up.  

There are scads of folks doing websites. In this author’s opinion, the next big thing in dental marketing will be personalized APPs for your dental office, robust, standalone or webAPPs that will be unique to your practice and a strong component of smart phones and tablet computers.  Early adapters are going to be as busy as a one armed paper hanger.

Check out http://c10mediasolutions.com or check out http://scdentalequipment.com/?p=450 – this one’s a hottie!!!

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