I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot poll is actually an intriguing concept…

The following is from Dr. Bicuspid – they did a poll on the following topics to provide a “Golden Globes, Emmy, Tony, Oscar” style overview of the profession and the industry. It’s clever marketing and indicative of those who both set the trends and deliver the information on them.  The concept is intriguing as it reflects many things and it is relevant to Oral Health and what it showcases all year round. Often wonder whether having a section on “where you read Oral Health” shouldn’t be replaced by where “Oral Health board members are teaching”.  The folks on the editorial masthead reflect a spectacular constellation of talent from across the country and beyond and while their contribution to the journal is stellar, their individual efforts warrant exposure as well.

The sheer enormity of talent aggregated by Catherine and Melissa inclusive of the contributing consultants has for years had the potential to be an educational faculty for Canadian dentistry. Perhaps as the facility inherent in blended elearning comes to the fore more and more, we will see their light shine brighter and brighter. As to the pursuit of clinical material for this blog, I submit to you a concept analogous to those of us who lived through the 60’s, and wore bell bottoms and paisley shirts and British Walkers we bought at Flagg Bros. in Buffalo………all my life’s a circle, sunrise to sundown…….you have to read below the list.

Most Influential Dental Researcher

  • Rella Christensen, CR Foundation
  • John Flucke, DDS

Most Effective Dentist Educator

  • John Kois, Kois Center
  • Frank Spear, Spear Education

Most Effective Dental Hygienist Educator

  • Jo-Anne Jones, VELscope
  • Rachel Wall, Inspired Hygiene

Most Effective Dental Assistant Educator

  • April Burus, DOCS Education
  • Shannon Pace-Brinker, Dawson Academy

Best Practice Management Consultant

  • Bonnie Pugh, Banta Consulting
  • Kerry Straine, Straine Dental Consulting

Best New Material

  • BruxZir, Glidewell Laboratories
  • SonicFill, Kerr
Best New Instrument/Device

  • 2pro Total Access Disposable Prophy Angle, Premier Dental
  • Midwest RDH Freedom Cordless Handpiece, Dentsply International

Best New Diagnostic/Imaging Device

  • CS 9300, Carestream
  • VELscope Vx (new version), LED Dental

Best New Software/Service

  • Cerec 4.0, Sirona Dental Systems
  • i-CAT Precise with TxStudio, Imaging Sciences

Best New Consumer Product

  • Sonicare AirFloss, Philips
  • Xylishield gum/mints/mouthwash, Ultradent

Most Popular Clinical Procedure

  • Cone-beam CT
  • Dental implants

Most Controversial Topic

  • Botox injections by dentists
  • Dental therapists/midlevel providers
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