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IDS 2013 Sets New Records

March 26, 2013
by Kahaliah Richards

 Oral Health’s Senior Publisher, Melissa Summerfield, recently attended the 35th IDS in Cologne, Germany. Held from March 12th to 16th, 2013, this year’s show posted record-setting results. IDS attracted 125,000 trade visitors from 149 countries, an increase of 6% over IDS 2011. This year, 2,058 companies, from 56 countries, presented a wide variety of innovations, products and services on 150,000 square metres of exhibition area. Here are some of the highlights she learned about at the show. Keep checking our blog for future announcements and product highlights from IDS, the world’s leading dental trade fair.



Dental equipment manufacturer Sirona is expanding its digital impression product line. The new, economical digital impressioning system APOLLO DI features easy handling coupled with precise imaging at a low cost. The impression system includes an imaging unit, APOLLO Connect software, and the APOLLO DI intraoral camera, with which users can make digital impressions of the clinical situation in a seamless work flow. The Sirona product line now includes the CEREC Bluecam, the CEREC Omnicam, and the APOLLO DI – three high-quality intraoral cameras.



SoproCare™: new perspectives for the diagnosis of caries and periodontal treatment.

The new SoproCare™ from Sopro® (Acteon® Group) does not only detect caries, it is also the first camera that highlights dental plaque and gingival inflammation. Three operating modes in one unique camera allow for a minimally invasive early diagnosis.

Utilizing unique fluorescence technology with specific wavelengths ranging from 440 to 680nm, SoproCare™ features an exclusive PERIO mode for chromatic insight of gingival inflammation Whether it is a distinct cavity or a first visual change in enamel, in CARIO mode (450nm), the caries can be easily identified in bright red or black.

The new SoproCare™ is therefore not only a device that provides early detection of symptoms for prophylaxis and controlled periodontal follow-up, but also an ideal way of motivating the patient for their treatment plan.



A breakthrough for scaling with B.LED technology

Simultaneously detecting and treating dental plaque is now possible thanks to the B.LED technology, exclusive ACTEON® SATELEC® innovation.

The plaque discloser F.L.A.G.TM for B.LED  targets the dental plaque and becomes fluorescent under the blue light of the NEWTRON® SLIM B.LED handpiece.

The operating protocol is simplified as much as possible. F.L.A.G.TM for B.LED may be applied directly on teeth or diluted in the tank of the NEWTRON® P5XS ultrasonic. Using the ring of white and blue light on the NEWTRON® SLIM B.LED handpiece, the areas to be treated are well lit up and the dental plaque is clearly identified. Scaling is accurate and tissues are preserved. The time saving is obvious and the patient benefits from a fast and pain-free treatment.



Provisional implants – new to the BEGO Implant Systems product range

In addition to its two-piece BEGO Semados® S/RI and Mini-Implants, BEGO Implant Systems will be offering a provisional one-piece implant(available spring 2013 )which provides numerous advantages for practioners and patients. The BEGO Semados® Provisonal Implant (PI), which is made of grade 5 titanium and has an untreated surface, was designed for a multitude of possible applications. As an interim restoration, it can be used for stablising bridges or prostheses during the healing phase of the definitive implants, as well as for relieving loads on augmented ares and fixing templates for navigated surgery.


BEGO Implant Systems launches New Tray for Guided Surgery

At the IDS 2013, BEGO Implant Systems presented a new tray for guided surgery for BEGO Semados® S-Implants, providing dentists with an open system for versatile application.


BEGO celebrates its top-selling implant

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the BEGO Semados® S Implant. Initially only available in Germany, today this system is sold in more than 40 countries; it is one of BEGO Implant Systems’ top-selling products.



At IDS, Nobel Biocare announced the endowment of the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR), a new education-based foundation.

FOR, which will be led by the most renowned scholars in oral rehabilitation, will be a landmark in Nobel Biocare’s history and commiment to training, education, science and humanitarian engagement.



The announcement of the upcoming NobelProcera® 2G Scanner and partnership with 3Shape™ will provide even more access to unrivaled products.  The new scanner has a similar look to the original with exciting new elements including advanced automation features which are designed to increase productivity.



VITA introduced VITA ENAMIC, the first dental hybird ceramic for CAD/CAM restorations. VITA ENAMIC is the first hybird dental ceramic with a dual network structure that combines the positive charateristics of a ceramic and a composite.

In addition to enormous strength, this innovative hybird material also ensures exceptional elasticity. As a result, this material is perfectly suited for posterior crown restorations and also enables the reduction of wall thickness for minimally-invasive restorations.This tooth-colored hybird material offers material properties that are almost identical to those of natural teeth, and ensures a natural play of colors thanks to its excellent light conductivity.



CS 3500 Intraoral Scanner is truly portable, powder-free, 3D color, plug & play intraoral scanning

The innovative CS 3500 is one of the most compact, easy-to-use, 3D color intraoral scanners on the market. Handheld and truly portable, it requires no trolley, no traditonal impression material and absolutely no power. It’s ingenious light guidance system shines green  when the scanning is successful and orange when rescanning is necessary.The end result is a highly precise digital impression of your patients mouth in a matter of minutes.


CS Restore Software :

Automatic tooth design, margin tracing and occlusion management

CS restore automates many design steps and intuitively recognizes all the components of the scan. It automatically designs a crown with the proper fit., form and function – a perfect crown with occlusion management built in. The intuative software that guides you through the desgin process


CS 3000 Milling Machine offers quiet, vibration-free precision milling

With the CS 3000 milling machine, restorative designs are processed and intelligently milled into precision crowns uniquely designed for your patients in 15 minutes or less.

A brushless motor ensures fast, accurate restorations with smoother surfaces, and a single drill prvides vibration free milling with minimal noise disturbance. Both you and your patients will appreciate that crowns can be fitted in house in considerably less time and can be milled anywhere in your practice.



Etching, bonding and filling in a single step

DMG’s new free-flowing composite Constic is not only self-adhesive but also self-etching. That simplifies the workflow in the practice considerably. The dentist not only saves time, but possible sources of error are also minimized – advatages not offered by convetional flows, which require adhesive bonding. Self-adhesive Constic can be used for small class 1 fillings, underfilling, fissure sealing, repairs and blocking out undercuts. The material is rubbed in with a brush and hardened using light.



The solution for all CAD/CAM requirements

Ivoclar Vivadent has rounded out the range of indications covered by IPS e.max Cad, the innovative lithium disilicate glass cermaic for CAD/CAM technology. Three solutions are available for the digial workflow: „Monolithic Solutions“, „Abutment Solutions“ and „Veneering Solutions“. As a result, all indications from thin veneer to hybird abutments and three-unit and multi-unit bridges are now covered by this glass ceramic. IPS e.max CAD has proven itself in  long-term clinical studies.



New sonic toothbrush – with heads

Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum is an IDS world premier. This premium sonic toothbrush has a new type of brush head., the bristles of which take on special tasks. These tasks include the effective removal of plaque biofilm from between the teeth. A sonic toothbrush can only make full use of its cleaning power when the brush head can oscillate. Now, a pressure sensor provides feedback when too much pressure is applied.


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